Freitag, 21. September 2007

Elektrowerkzeuge vom Baumarkt Profi
Haartrockner vom Online Frisör
HDMI Kabel vom Kabel Spezialisten

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dead right femicunt!
My name is Judas Nathan Zay
and I'm a male cunt and proud
of it. I hate my country the
United States of Fuckmerica
and I'll kill everyone
who so much as dares
to raise the flag
on my turf.

I loves to fuck little girls
which is why my tenure as a
Waldorf teach
in Great Barrington 01230
was kinda short lived.

I also loooves to mindfuck
little Meander Big Ingrid
and Floating Calamity
in my list.

And I loooove
to betray my friends
and am a real self centered
motherfucker who takes
anything w.out so much
as a thank you.

Got it bitch ??!
Please write more soon
Right now I'm in Switzerland
(s)licking my mom's cunt so she
gives me my once a year
allowance of a measly grand
usually though to be reached: at:Judas N.Zay
in Hillsdale NY12529

I love Islam and Ussama
and I hate Jews in general
and Israel in particular.
Call me an Anthronazi.

And yer right slut !
My home i s a dump alright.
Now how on earth did ya know?